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Digital Signage services for brands

Digital Signage Services for brands

Digital signage is the perfect medium to inform your audience by engaging them.

Within the digital signage dimension, everything is faster. Update news, promote employee interactions, and advertise promotions in record time while modernizing the architectural ambience in your establishment.

At its core, digital signage is all about targeting your audience with relevant information. Using network connected digital signs allows you to get your message across effectively, conveniently, distinctively – and profitably.

Companies are increasingly beginning to recognize the potential and multiformity of digital signage. Below are some of the most common applications for digital signage:

Video Wall

Digital signage enables users to display messages more dynamically and explicitly. In today’s intricate media environment, dynamic images are more engaging – and can convey considerably more information – than static ones can. Each display, connected to the network via media players, can express a different message. These displays allow you an invaluable control over the message you send to your audience. Video walls make your message relevant and enable you to communicate with the public in the most direct way.

Digital Menu Board

Digital menu boards are quickly becoming a fundamental addition to consumer spaces. With Brandtrack media’s software, you can manage all of your digital signage from one location. This software package allows you to create, schedule, and distribute your playlists. It also offers you greater control over the frequency of your updates and the specifics of your message throughout the day. Our software package also eliminates the high cost of regular printing and logistics.

Interactive Display

Durable, compact, and light, the Brandtrack Media Player provides a wide range of interactive features to enhance consumer engagement. It allows you to convert any touch screen into a fully functional Android tablet (touch screen must have Android driver to function). Play your media, content, and applications on any screen from any location in 1080p full HD. Connect remotely to track performance, capture data and create analytics.

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