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Musical Fitting rooms

July 21, 2011 | By | No Comments

You can found more information of this project developed by DDB Singapore in

Starhub musical fitting rooms

¿Why Brandtrack?

January 11, 2011 | By | No Comments

There are many softwares that play music at the point of sale, but few add much value to a brand like Brandtrack with its background music system for businesses.

Among many advantages, the 4 most relevant are:

1) Custom music » “Música maestro”

The music and the brands have something in common: “Behind every brand and every song there is a story-telling”. In Brandtrack each customer has a unique and unrepeatable selection of music, only designed for the story that the brand wants to tell in their establishments.

2) Simple » “Very Simple”

The only requirement is a computer connected to the Internet. No need for more devices that already exists on your point of sale.

3) Music forever » “Open 24hs”

With Brandtrack there are no cuts. If internet works fine, music will work fine. If the Internet goes wrong, music will work fine. If the computer is disconnected from the Internet, music will work fine. In conclusion: music will work fine ever, without cuts, even the internet is offline.

4) Control of usage » “Eyes that see, ears that feel”

Probably your company have tried different systems to play music on its stores.

CDs, mp3 and music devices are the most common. Over time some brands will be encouraged to use free online services as GrooveShark, Last fm, etc … But … How can you confirm that the institutional music is being played in every store?

To avoid this inconvenience, Brandtrack has developed a complete control panel with statistics that allows the brand to know which stores are playing the right music… and which aren´t.

In conclusion

Choosing Brandtrack is preferring a personalized, simple, complete and useful in-store music service.