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Branded Playlist

A Soundtrack for your Business


Audio Branding Service

Think about the time you spend creating your personal playlist. Now, think about having to build a soundtrack for your business. We know that you are looking for a specific sound that works with your business and your customers. We also understand that you need a playlist with a wide selection of song options, minimal repetition, and business appropriate content standards. Leave the hard job to our DJs who personally select each song that your clients will be listening to in your stores.

How does it work?

Whether it’s for a single venue or a multinational chain, our DJs will start their jobs by internalizing the values of your brand, the experience you want to generate, and who exactly your target customers are.

Once we understand your musical objectives for your business, we will apply our extensive musical resources and skills to create a unique playlist for your brand. With access to tens of thousands of music tracks, our experienced music consultants know how to balance a delicate variety of artists, styles, genres, eras, and tempos to complement your trading style and pattern.

Our method for developing branded playlists has been perfected over the years. We pre-approve individual tracks, styles, and tempos based on audience reaction. We account for known sales patterns when scheduling a blend of music style, era, and cadence. Only then do we begin creating an exclusive playlist for the work day. This expert attention to detail promotes your brand by giving it a unique musical identity.


  • Personalized music playlist for each work day
  • Option to record a voice message to be played between songs
  • Stable volume that can be controlled and regulated
  • Music that plays 24/7, regardless of Internet connection
  • System that monitors which stores are connected
  • No extra equipment needed
  • Licensing rights included
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