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Music services for brands


Background Music Services:

+ Branded Playlist:

Looking for an exclusive playlist for your brand? Let our expert DJs do the job, then see how your customers fall in love with your brand every time they visit your stores.

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+ Music Channels:

Check out, our music platform for stores, and choose between many individualized playlist channels tailored by expert DJs for different kinds of venues.

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Sound Equipments and Music Software:

+ Music Software

We have the most advanced player for background music in the world. You do not need any hardware to play music, only an internet connection to update it. Our music player also contains technology for voice messaging and more.

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+ Sound Systems

Brandtrack partners with leading equipment manufacturers to offer our clients the best possible equipment. Our audio equipment is visually pleasing, affordable, and contains a great sound quality that cannot be found elsewhere.

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Social Music Services:

+ Social Dj App

Allow your customers the opportunity to become the DJs of your establishment. Let them choose what songs should be played, directly from their phones.

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+ Online Radio

Offer your fans a more innovative way to interact with your business. With an online radio, users can be connected to your brand at all times.

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